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Orange Bus Unveils New Bus on Ogadriva Platform for Nigerian

Published: Nov 30, -0001 12:00am

Each month, ogadriva features one of our members in the member trend series.  It serves to highlight  and provide visibility to our members with regards to their business, contributions and experience with ogadriva .  It is also a great way to meet with new start up bus operators and find members with similar interests.

This month's spotlight turns to Emmanuel Dickson , CEO of Orange Bus.

Read the interview below

Can we meet you?

My name is Emmaniel Dickson. I’m the ceo of Orange Bus and we are a new startup bus operator that travel from

1 -  Calabar  -  Port Harcourt
2 -  Port Harcourt  -  Calabar

Why did you pick Calabar  -  Port Harcourt route?

I know the route because i use to leave in calabar and i travel this route all the time. so it logically to start from your hometown

Why did you decide to get into transport business?

I read computer science in Lagos as there where no job i decide to travel abroad. leaving in Italy is not easy. Most people here ship cars back home and i have done it so many time with no return. In fact the people i ship my cars to end up using it for their own business and dont even balance me.. Its really sad because i am not on ground.

It came like a joke when one of my friend in Germany told me there is a new transport network that allow  anyone to start their city to city business easily.  And the good thing is you can track your bus to know where it is at all time with their GPS system and the passenger pay directly to you and not the driver.. BOOM.. This is what we Africans have been waiting for..

I know city 2 city Business is a booming business but because of the caber system and red tap it push people away from joining this rich man's league..

Ogadriva will blow.. really their concept of helping foreigner join the city to city business is amazing. That's why I bought 2 bus to start it up. I will not do anything if i don't see future on it and I can assure you this guys know their stuff. Even look at the big companies backing them up, look at their board of advisors these are powerful men indeed.


Can we say you drive your bus or you have a driver?

Right now, I gave the bus to one of my close friend who use to work with a city bus and he took the driver job. I don't need a cashier because passenger pay me directly via OGADRIVA..

Looking at city to city business and looking at Nigeria, do you think this is the best business for you ? Is Nigeria the right place for what you do?

Yes.. If you see what this small boys are making in this city to city per day.. It will blow your mind..  The reason why people don't get into this business is because is a kind of cartel business. If the old boys don't know you then they will frustrate you. That's why I went through the back door using ogadriva.

Nigeria transport business will always make it because the market is there.. People are hungry to travel no matter what.. To proof it just go to the car park and see for your self. Believe me even on worst day like fuel hike bus company can make a killing on it because passenger will always pay to travel at any cost.

What make you different from other bus operators?

I had to travel to Germany to meet Mr Kelvin when he was doing a workshop "On how you can start your city to city Business in Ghana and Nigeria". for him to give me some advice for new comers like me.

Looking at Kelvin for the first time you will not believe that this small boy can pull big men from Africa and powerful companies to partner with him but when I saw them listening to him.. I was hooked..

After the workshop, he advice the audience to always give back to new passenger in other to generate word of mouth for us.

So from his advice - We plan to give pure water to my passenger for free because passenger are dehydrated during travel and need water.  I think this little gift will encourage more people to use us.

What has your ogadriva experience been like?

It feels good knowing i could run a business in Nigeria without been on ground. I Just love ogadriva app called Mysabisabi it really cool  and I also love that the platform was made simple to use for small bus operator.

The most important thing is the weekly meeting for bus operator to share their experience and challenges and to see other bus operator helping each other.

There are a lot of young guys and the energy i get in that meeting. Its just amazing. Everyone want to help each other..

I also love the way ogadriva network rolodex.. For example if you want to advertise on radio or TV they have contact with a lot of radio station and TV station.

They have a lot of network that will help small start up like me. You will meet high level CEO of Big bus operator and this CEO are so nice. I think the reason why they attend this meeting is because they don't want to be left behind.  I never taught I could be speaking to them one on one.  

Without ogadriva it could have been hell doing everything on my own but inside this network everyone give you direct contact and connection. Believe me this mean a lot in this business. In fact ogadriva connection alone is enough for me.

What part of ogadriva feature do you love?

Getting alert that i have a booking from passenger.. Its a good feeling. Its like when you get alert that someone has paid money to your bank account..

I love that sms alert from ogadriva and it FREE.. I think ogadriva should charge for sms alert but for now they are giving it free even bank charge you for sms alert.

If there is 1 thing you would love to tell anyone started a city 2 city bus company for the first time what will that be?

The only thing is missing is a GPS for bus. To track where my bus is at all time just in case my driver start to play a fast one of me. Ogadriva is doing the GPS but it not working well.

So my advice for any new start up bus operator is to install their own GPS in their bus. Its better to be safe than sorry.

It's been an interactive and interesting interview with you,  thank you very much

Sure it was. Thank you too. 

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